Keep Pigeons Healthy - Written by leading Veterinarian Peter Boskamp

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Worldwide bestseller
Already produced in Belgium, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese with Chinese editions forthcoming.

A comprehensive and fresh approach to the well being of your birds, from one of the leading pigeon veterinarians in Europe, Peter Boskamp MSc.

210 pages, with full colour photographs, covering the modern day racing pigeon and what is needed to avoid and prevent the many challenges that face fanciers in their quest to keeping their birds healthy.

A unique insight that focuses on prevention rather than cure and an new approach that embraces the many forms of alternative natural products that are available today.

Veterinarian Peter Boskamp MSc studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University. In1987 he opened his Veterinary Medical Centre in Beek, South Limburg where around 20 people currently work, 5 of which are veterinarians. During his studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, he found that the focus mainly relied upon the regular side of veterinary medicine. Little attention was given to other existing possibilities and for this reason, Peter independently worked on studying alternative veterinary medicine. Topics included phytotherapy, homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine. It became apparent to him that regular veterinary medicine was predominantly aimed at sick care and that optimal healthcare was overlooked. This insight quickly lead him to the development of honest, natural remedies that could contribute to the wellbeing of our pigeons. BonyFarma B.V. was founded to guarantee the professional production of these remedies and ensures the ideas of veterinarian Peter Boskamp regarding health care can take shape.The vision regarding health care is further elaborated on in this book. A conscious decision was made to not describe the products as Bonyfarma manufactures them, but to explain the underlying ideas in more detail to enable everyone to make a deliberate decision on whether this vision could be the best one for him or her. The author hopes the increased insight after reading the book helps the reader to focus more on the ‘health care’ than ‘sick care’.