How it works

Planet Brothers will, through their website, raise monies via their own donations of birds products and alike.
The amount donated will be at the discretion of Planet Brothers, as this will vary depending on the products on offer.

Within the John Squibb Memorial Fund area will be a CHARITY SALE section. Fanciers will be free to advertise their unwanted items of pigeon wares and in the event of a item being sold, then 10% of the total selling price will be deducted and put into the charity fund. Fanciers will have the choice to donate a larger percentage should they wish to do so.

Thousands of fanciers have books, baskets, drinkers, feeders etc for sale that they no longer use, this will give them a market place to sell them and also help a deserving cause where the Sport benefits.

Pigeon sales are not allowed, but this may change should the need arise.