Aims and Objectives

To adopt the best possible means of customer care for all our subscribers and clients.
To encourage, raise awareness, promote and enlighten outside sources to embrace the Sport of Racing Pigeons.
To provide a Charity Fund to help fellow pigeon fanciers in their time of need, by donations, help and assistance.
To make outside sources aware of the Charity work undertaken by pigeon fanciers every year.
To provide a market place for fanciers requisites whereby the Charity fund directly benefits from the sales.
To put back some of the benefits gained within the Sport so that others less fortunate gain knowledge and information.
To lead by example, encouraging others to replicate Charity work to help others.
To build a respectable Charity, based upon Integrity and Trust, for the benefit of fanciers worldwide.
To offer a platform for the Charity work within our Sport, through our website,

The John Squibb Memorial Fund has been set up by Gary Squibb and John Gary Squibb in order to honour John Squibb for the Charity work that he did outside and within the Sport.

The reasons behind the fund is to raise awareness of the good that pigeon fanciers contribute worldwide. Over the years, Planet Brothers have donated thousands of pounds, pigeons, and prizes to numerous charitable causes, many of whom fail to give the sport the recognition that it so richly deserves.
In the past, when we donated a pigeon, many of the people failed to even notify us of who bought the pigeon, how much money was raised and whether or not the task successful. All too often the feedback is inadequate, and does nothing to encourage future causes.
With the fund we hope to help those in need within the Sport or attached to the Sport, rather than Large National Charities.
Many of the larger organisations, despite the good that they achieve, receive criticism because so much revenue is absorbed by running costs and administration. Very little of the money raised, actually gets to the cause.
Over the years, John Squibb and his family have worked for these charitable organisations and have witnessed first hand some of the abuse of other peoples donations. With the John Squibb Memorial Fund, This will not be the case, all the money raised will be donated to worthwhile causes without any deductions, other than normal out of pocket expenses incurred in executing the claims.

All transactions will be available to the public in the form of Balance sheets and accounts,
an Independent Chartered Accountant will inspect the records annually and this will be supported by regular updates on our website.

Some of the money raised will be by ourselves, donating money from our on-line sales, and we hope that by leading by example, other people will find the confidence to support and help with the fund.