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Welcome to the Planet Brothers web site, dedicated in the pursuit of breeding top class racing pigeons and the No. 1 source in the world for the original pure Van Loon family of pigeon Read More


Our famous Planet Van Loon and Alien pigeons, combined with the family of Van Rhijn Kloeck and Stan Van Beemen.

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For over 45 years, Planet Brothers, founded by John and Gary Squibb, have provided the world with outstanding pigeons from their Van Loon, Janssen and Alien families.
Over the next few years, the air of secrecy that has surrounded them will slowly be revealed , providing the sport with a unique insight into the methods and the hard work that helped make our birds, truly fantastic.
Month by month the website will provide a wealth of information that we hope will transform the way we look at this wonderful sport of pigeon racing, and with your support, this site will hopefully grow to a standard that all the others will be judged upon.
Through pigeon auctions and pigeon sales, new champions will be bred, following in the footsteps of Scrumpy, Sure Return, One Four, Hitman, Exterminator and the 1000’s of winners that have come from Planet Lofts.
You wont find many links or very much advertising from others, just the Planet Brothers way of doing things.
Either way, the sceptics will be silenced, the truth will be told, and our birds will go on to create new records and exceptional results.
The name of Planet Brothers needs to sit firmly at the top of the pigeon pedestal, it would be a fitting legacy to my father John Squibb, who in my opinion, was one of the greatest pigeon fanciers that ever lived.
‘The term legend is not one that you bestow upon yourself, but one that is given to you by others’.
Gary Squibb - Planet Brothers
So prepare to enter a different world....................

.......................the world of Planet Brothers


In 2017 again we have seen some exceptional performances from Planet Brothers pigeons notably in the ever popular one loft racing scene. The South Africa Million Dollar pigeon Race 2017 we see UK pigeon 'Dundees back' take the prize of 1st Overall Ace pigeon, 1st UK, 1st Country Challenge and 11th open in the final race with 2,434 birds competing. This pigeon won over $68,000 in prize money. Bred down from Golden Cock 017, responsible for 120 1st prize winners including 80 x 1st amal/combine winners. '017' is a direct son off our famous Planet Van loon pigeon, One Four winner of 26 x 1st. In the same race 'Ria 16' took 47th open in the final winning over $6,000. The parents of 'Ria 16' are owned by Planet Brothers.

Also in 2017, Wouters family loft took 3rd Grand Final in the Victoria Falls OLR winning $50,000 and was the highest priced bird in the main auction hosted by PIPA fetching $7,800. Grand Parents are owned by Planet Brothers. Recently in December 2017 we see 'Cyclone', a Planet Van Loon / Van Beemen pigeon take 1st UK, 8th Overall from 1,750 birds in the 1st hotspot of the series winning $1,500. In the final 410km from 1,128 birds, 32nd was 'Gypsy' a pure Van Rhijn Kloeck pigeon. This pigeon also finished 37th in Hotspot 3 from 1,627 birds.

Further details of results and testimonials are currently being documented. Due to the sheer number of results this is a very lengthly process and we hope to have this section of the website available for viewing in 2018, any details in the meantime please contact us.

Upon the death of Jan Kloeck, aged 94, the entire Van Rhijn Kloeck family of pigeons are sold to Planet Brothers...

There are very few old successful strains left in Belgium today where you can obtain a lifetimes work. The legendary  Van Rhijn Kloeck  pigeons are up there with the best of the Belgium strains.
Since 1947 their pigeons have consistently achieved remarkable results and have gone on to establish many of the top names in our Sport.
In 2016 Planet Brothers received a call from our close friends in Belgium, August and Frank Daelemans to say that Jan Kloecks daughter in law, Francine, who had been racing the birds since her father in laws death, had decided, along with Jan Kloeck’s Son, to sell the entire loft of breeders and racers. She was aware of the success we brought Van Loon and wanted someone who would continue the family name and keep the birds together.
We knew that the Van Rhijn Kloeck pigeons had been used by Louis Van Loon when founding his family so it was an easy choice for us to make. (See origin of our strains)
It had taken 40 years to find a perfect cross for the Van Loons and upon seeing these birds we had to have all 57 of them. They included 2 direct birds off 'Lieutenant’, 1st Ace bird long distance in 2000.

Sales and pairing lists for 2018 are available at request contact us