The Original Planet Van Loons

Way back in 1979, John Squibb Snr began the acquisition of the Van Loon pigeons. The original 8 were: The Producer Cock, The Golden Cock, The Golden Hen (Golden Pair), The Pied Hen van 75, Camelot, The Gay Hen, Oude Blauwe van 73 and Blackie. Over the next 2 years, 30 more found there way back to our Lofts which included Pretty Boy, The Bourges Cock, White Flight, Warrior and The Witoger Kweeker.
In 1981, Planet Brothers began racing. The rest is history...

By 1987, racing a team of only 18 cocks, Planet Brothers had set the racing scene alight winning over 500 x 1sts and topping the provincial over 100 times. They produced legendary racers like Scrumpy (30x1st), One Four (26x1sts), The Pied Cock (24x1sts) and Sure Return (18x1sts). They also produced many top breeders that would go on to breed 1000’s of winners worldwide. Dream Girl, Boomerang, Champion 05, Thunderbird, Perfection, Superstud, Gladiator,  The Proud One and Sheer Class would all become legendary. It was results that have never been equalled by any other loft since and it resulted in a Planet Brothers / Van Loon craze that would spread around the World to this present day.

Planet Van Loons - The next generation

It has been well documented that Planet Brothers have never sold any of their race Champions, despite having huge offers for them. This enabled the loft to go from strength to strength and with very few children ever sold from the Champions it meant that the best remained in our stock loft. Many of these birds lived for long ages and this ensured that the bloodlines remained very close to the original pigeons. To this very day, although old,  direct children off the main race birds are still on the lofts and it is left to the outstanding Grandchildren to ensure the winners are still produced in huge numbers. This ‘Planet Van Loon gene pool’ has ensured the family will continue for years to come, just as the old Belgium masters did before them.

Planet Lofts
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