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With a wealth of experience spanning over 40 years in the Sport, Planet Brothers are pleased to inform the fanciers that, for the first time ever, they are offering a consultancy service for the benefit of others.

Having been responsible for 100’s of winning lofts worldwide, now is your chance to draw on the knowledge that only Planet Brothers could offer. It is a unique approach, based upon commonsense and practical methods.

For nearly 5 decades Planet Brothers have visited some of the finest pigeon lofts in the world, they have met the top fanciers and more importantly they have had the pleasure of handling some of the best birds in the world. This has resulted in some firm conclusions when it comes to selecting pigeons. Most good pigeons, be it racers or breeders, all have certain things that make them stand out from the rest.

The art is being able to identify the good from the bad.

Not every fancier can do this and seeking the help of someone that has a wealth of experience in this field helps solve the problem. In the past their help and guidance was only given to a select few who purchased their pigeons, now for the first time that experience can be acquired through a visit to your lofts.

Our successful racing and breeding establishment has been responsible for producing winner after winner and for years we have been able to take novices and turn them into top fliers. Not every fancier can boast a proven track record like ours.

The results speak for themselves, and hopefully our reputation will precedes us.

This service is available world wide, for overseas enquiries try to combine several lofts in a visit.

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