For the past 40 years, Planet Brothers have bred, raced and owned
some of the most influential pigeons in the United Kingdom.

Their quest to produce winners was not limited to their own loft and Planet Brothers
are recognised throughout the world for having a reputation for producing winners for others.
Their breeding ability, and family of birds is second to none.

We do not believe in making silly claims that cannot be substantiated by facts, what we have always said is ‘let the birds do the talking for you’. To this end, our birds have done us proud.

So often we would just like to see more people using the word, ‘probably’, ‘possibly’, ‘some’ and ‘one of’ when describing the achievements of their birds. It has been a long standing quest of ours, to try to get the sport’s publications to eliminate ludicrous claims. When a fancier says ‘this is the best Janssen hen in the world today’, how does he arrive at such a claim?. It is impossible to substantiate. If he said this is one of, or probably one of, then we could live with that. All too often we see such claims and the worst is when they say ‘ this is the best pigeon to leave Planet Brothers loft’. How do they Know that?, and if that was the case what does that make the parents of such a bird?. Only one person is qualified to make that claim and that is Planet Brothers themselves !!.

Over the years we have been guilty of several claims that spring to mind and they are the following:

We are one of the most successful Racing and Breeding Establishments in the world today.
Our bloodlines have bred thousands of winners worldwide.
We have, for 40 years, through our bloodlines, continually produced some of the worlds most outstanding pigeons.
We have bred, raced and owned our own Champions in their own right.
We have possibly been influential in changing the reputation of the british racing pigeon.
We have always tried to conduct ourselves in a professional manner with honesty and integrity.
We have always strived to purchase the best so that the Planet Brothers brand will continue for years to come.
We have never given into pressure to sell anything that we did not want to.
No fancier or establishment has ever purchased our ‘Best’.
We have never sold our ‘best’ they have always stayed at Noak Hill.
It is a credit to our birds, that despite keeping the ‘best’, the birds that we have sold, have gone on to produce thousands upon thousands of winners worldwide.

We can hold our head up high, in the knowledge that we have always tried to only sell quality pigeons.

There are those that will argue, we have not always done the right thing,
but we are only human and if we withheld information,
it was only to protect the goodwill and name of Planet Brothers.

We have not been ones to advertise every week, instead of this we put out a few select adverts when needed.
We have tried to maintain a low profile but when you have been as successful as us, this is not always easy to do.
Over the years we have watched in silence as many Fanciers and Studs found success through our birds.
We have watched some of the worlds largest pigeon studs, copy and replicate what we started.
It is the highest compliment that can be paid to anyone, but invariably it has its pitfalls.

The hard truth is that they are not paying you a compliment but rather exploiting a lucrative market that has been established by your own hard work, and who could blame them, after all business is business.

Change is on the horizon

Over the next few months we will start to list the hundreds of testimonials that have been bestowed upon us by others.
This is something that in the past, we have done very little of. 
We encourage fanciers, that have found success with our birds, to send the results (and photographs if needed) to: info@planetbrothers.co.uk

Planet Brothers
PO BOX 2897
United Kingdom

Even if it is just a few lines, every bit of information helps, over the years we have had hundreds of phone calls but now is the time to put pen to paper.

Some of them will be later used in The Planet Brothers book, so we hope you will all participate
This is not limited to 100% Planet pigeons because we know that so many fanciers have found success with using them to cross, and rightly so, the crosses deserve a mention also.

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