Charities supported

Over the years the Squibb family has contributed to Charity work in many forms and the experience that Gary and John have gained has given them a wealth of knowledge as well as great deal of self satisfaction.
John Squibb was always the type of person that despite his hard exterior would always help if he could, and in almost every instance he opened his house, donated his time, and gave generously to whatever cause they were raising money for. He never sought any praise and more often than not, gave the donations anonymously.

His success within the Sport, gave him the means and purpose to help others and we just would like to carry on that role.

With this in mind, we have no particular charity that we support.
Instead, each claim will be assessed upon its own merits.
Whether it be a loft that has just been burnt to the ground, a club member with a good cause, a bereaved partner,
or a pigeon related fund, each will be looked at and judged whether or not it is a worthy cause.

Every week when you pick up a pigeon publication , there is a need for something.
At the moment, the same fanciers are repeatedly asked to help and it can become a difficult for them.
By having such a fund, and providing funds are available, pigeon fanciers will have a initial point of call.

The success of such a scheme will rely on the contributions and good work that it is seen to achieve.
Funds can only be distributed if they are in the account.
Upon launch of the Planet Brothers website, we aim to initiate the scheme by donating birds and products.
This will give the fund its initial injection and then we will see where it leads from there.
If supported our contribution will increase and hopefully good work will be the result of the eventual donations.
The sport needs all the help it can get so support from like minded fanciers from around the world will help our fellow fanciers in their time of need.
There is no such fund that supports pigeon fanciers around the globe, now your chance to make a difference.