Loft Design

Planet Brothers over the years have been instrumental in changing the face of how we build our lofts and the importance of a good loft cannot be over estimated.
Having designed many lofts all over the world, their results are tried and tested.
Their own loft, at Noak Hill is often copied, a compliment to how others see our work.
For us it is not always about the looks, but how a loft functions.
So many good pigeons are in bad lofts and never perform to their full potential.

When having your birds assessed, it is so important that the Loft design is included within this exercise.

Many fanciers, may feel they have good quality pigeons and have a good system of racing in place, that is why the Loft design element is treated separately.

So, if your thinking of changing your Loft, or considering alterations to an existing Loft
Then contact Planet Brothers for their Loft consultancy service