Tips and Tricks

In doing this section, it goes against all what John Planet ever taught me as a parent. He always taught me to keep our ‘secrets’ safe and say as little to others as possible.
I now do the same with my son, John Gary, and it is a strange dilemma that I find myself in.
Do I tell the world our ‘secrets’ or do I pass them down through generations of family members.
After serious consideration and discussing it with my son, the only way we as a partnership could ever pass on my fathers legacy, will be to tell all. I personally do not believe in any benefit to be had by taking this knowledge to my grave.

The best trick, has been keeping quiet for such a long time.

However we do have a conflict of interest within the workings of our website. This section is for young fanciers and can be accessed by all general users.
Therefore, many of the best ‘secrets’ will be featured in The Planet Brothers Story. In order to give young Fanciers an insight into our world, I will do my best to put condensed versions in this area and hopefully they will become avid readers and feel they would get more from the website.
However the title is not all what it seems, there are many things that we intend to talk about which may not seem very relevant, but if you are serious about learning about this sport, you will need to be patient, all will become clear over the next few years as we unfold ‘our way’ of racing pigeons.
Our first tip and trick is one that seems obvious, but I can assure most young fanciers that very few undertake these simple tasks.