Membership Terms and Conditions

When deciding to launch the Planet Brothers website we had to decide on what format we wanted people to access the site and what would be available in the way of content.
After much thought it was agreed to run the site with two areas, one area being the general viewing area and the second, a members area.

General browsing

Upon entering our site, you will be in the free browsing section where, as a ‘user’, you will be able to view the basic information about ourselves, our birds, and other useful articles about our Lofts etc.
Within this section, will be areas where we will require your personal details, such as the ‘for sale’ section, and you will be prompted to supply basic information, such as your contact details, to become a ‘registered user’.

Registered User

Once a ‘registered user’, you will receive emails on promotions, forthcoming events and other useful information to make you more aware of how you can benefit from the Planet Brothers website.
You will also have access to the general e-commerce areas, which will include general sale items (pigeon related products) and general pigeon sales, where the Planet Brothers birds will be available at fixed prices (non Auction birds).

You will only be asked to provide bank & payment details in the event that you make a purchase in this area.

  • All registered users will benefit from the following:
  • Notification of products and promotions via email
  • Notification of forthcoming events and articles via email
  • Access to general pigeon sales areaAccess to general pigeon products area.
  • Access to general free browsing areas.
  • Access to free tour areas, featuring edited versions of articles.

Upon becoming a registered user, you will be asked and encouraged to become a fully subscribed member, whereby enjoying the full benefits of the website and the Planet Brothers Club.

Full Membership status

The second area of the website is the Planet Brothers members area.
In this area registered users and visitors will be asked to take out a yearly subscription in order to access the remainder of the site.
The benefits will far out weight the cost of the subscription and hopefully, all visitors to the site will become members. In this way, the revenue raised will help sustain the site for years to come and, with future development, make the Planet Brothers website, a place where like minded fanciers can discuss and interact with others for the betterment of the sport in general.

Many of the features in this part of the site will be exclusively for fanciers who have purchased from us in the past, wish to purchase in the future, or just want to know more about the Planet Brothers and their methods.

Membership benefits are as follows:

  • Access to all ‘Featured articles’, written by Planet Brothers. This will be loft reports and articles.
  • Access to ‘Planet Brothers book serialisation’ featuring new and unpublished work.
  • Access to ‘On-line auctions’ featuring birds from the Planet Brothers loft.
  • Access to Questions and Answers that can be put to Planet Brothers and other fanciers.
  • Access to ‘Archive section’ where extended versions of general areas can be viewed.
  • Discounts on most Planet Brothers items sold on the website, such as products and pigeon wares.
  • Advanced notification of birds for sale prior to going on general sale.
  • Exclusive downloads of stud lists and pigeon details.

The members area will be a wealth of information that will change each month.

Subcription details

Annual subscriptions will be £25.00 sterling per year, payable by PayPal or all major credit cards.
This subscription is non refundable and non transferable.
Annual subscription is for a Individual only.
Organisations, Clubs and Partnerships are exempt from subscribing.
All subscribers must be 18 years or older.

Cancelling your subscription

All subscriptions will run for one year from the day they are activated by payment.
They are only cancelled by notification to Planet Brothers at least 28 days prior to expiry.
Unless notification is received, you will automatically be charged for the following year.
This is a automatic renewal and you will not receive notification that your subscription is about to expire.
Planet Brothers offer no form of refund or part discounts on subscriptions taken up or automatically renewed.

Notification to Planet Brothers can be either by email at: or by post:
Planet Brothers, PO Box 2897 , Romford., Essex RM7 1LX. United Kingdom.

Conformation of cancellation will be sent to you, if you do not receive this, please contact us again.