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The Planet Brothers book is available exclusively
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Signed up members to the website will be able to read month by month chapters of the forthcoming volumes that will build into a complete version of events that make Planet Brothers what it is today.

Within the structure of the website, the benefits of being a member far outweigh those who are not. As far as we are concerned, what you will obtain within the course of a year, will be worth a lot more than the £25.00 subscription Fee.

About the Book

The Planet Brothers book has been something that I, Gary (Planet) Squibb, have wanted to do for a long time.
It is something that should be written because so often the knowledge that one acquires throughout their life is often buried with them. In an age where this information can be easily digitally stored for years to come , I feel the truth has to be out there, about a fascinating and unique adventure that I shared with my father, John (Planet) Squibb.
The book will be written as honestly and as factual as I can make it, in the past many attempts have been made to put pen to paper and invariably work commitments would take over and the book would be put on the back burner. Now that Im getting near 55 I need to do this because my memory does not serve me as well as it did all those years ago.
When my father was alive, I wanted to write the book and he always said, “You can do that when Im dead and gone, that can be your little nest egg”. Despite his harsh exterior he never sought publicity for himself.
The reality was such that I wanted him to read it, after all said and done it was a epitaph to his life and I so wanted to tell him how I felt and how my side of the story fitted in with his. It was a partnership that flourished together, where we both complimented each other. It was also a partnership that very few outsiders ever understood.
The story is going to be told like no other pigeon book written. There will be a insight into our personal lifestyles and faults and all the things that happened that had a bearing on our development as racing men.
There will be the wonderful stories that my father told that used to keep people fascinated for hours when they visited us. Not all is pretty and the harsh truth will have to be told, please or offend, if the book is to be entertaining, absorbing and enlightening.
The website will give me the chance to spread the writing of the book, over the next couple of years and therefore the ability to write ‘chapters’ at my leisure, I can then finally build a comprehensive account of our life with pigeons.

The Chapters

The chapters will be condensed versions of the finished articles written by Gary Planet,
starting at the very beginning, all the way through to present day.

It tells of John Planet’s attempt to produce one of the finest team of racing pigeons in the world today.
It tells of a father and son relationship, the highs and the lows, the success and the failures.
More importantly, it tells a story, about a family, their ideals and their shortcomings.

The Volumes

The chapters as they build will form volumes which will then be put into books.
Initial thoughts, over the next 3 years, are to have around 6 volumes:

Volume 1 - The Early years, featuring the Kirkpatricks, Busshaerts and Fabry pigeons.
Volume 2 - The Vintage years, featuring the Alien, Janssen and Van Loon pigeons.
Volume 3 - Winning for others, featuring the achievements of the Planet Brothers pigeon.
Volume 4 - Reference Guide, a comprehensive guide to their pigeons, pedigrees, auctions and performances.
Volume 5 - Racing pigeons, the Planet Brothers way, featuring their Racing, Feeding, Training and Breeding Methods.
Volume 6 - The best of The Planet Brothers, highlighted versions from all volumes, the stories and a final summary.

Please note: The book will be wrote in a manner that could offend, which is why you need to be over 18 and a signed up member. My father often used four letter words when putting a point across and for the desired effect, it may be necessary to replicate conversations, so that the gravity of certain situations are made clear. Again we make no apologies for this

Once a chapters is put on the website ,
it will stay there until the next one is produced,
after which it will then be removed.

Therefore you will have around 4 weeks in which to read the article.

Fanciers joining the members club at a later date, that miss the chapters, will have the opportunity to download previous chapters, but will have to pay a fee. So to avoid disappointment, sign up today.

....The Planet Brothers book
........ starts in the New year
look out for the first chapter
beginning of February 2011

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